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4 Steps to reach your goals faster


Having the perfect training program won’t help you lose weight, or show you how to gain muscle alone.  You need to back it up with solid habits.  You are a habitual machine whether you like it or not.  There are triggers in your life that get you to begin a routine.  Think of it like an alarm that goes off and then you have to shut off that alarm to make that annoying sound stop.


When you encounter a trigger consciously or unconsciously you will go into a ritual.  You may be completely unaware that you are in this ritual, but you have to complete it.  Because as soon as that trigger happened it started a habit loop.  And, because of the way we are wired we have to close that loop, i.e. turn off the blaring alarm. So, you need to create solid health and fitness habits that can help you reach your goals of gaining muscle or losing weight.

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