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Balance Training

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Balance Training

Don’t get hurt! Keep your head up and off the ground.  Balance training is not only to prevent falling, but also to improve performance.  Whether you are a senior trying to stay active, an athlete competing in sports, or somewhere in between understanding how to prevent injury from falls and how to improve balance for your preferred activity is invaluable.

Balance training is incorporated into every training program I build.  Whether for one on one personal training or group fitness classes, I teach people to assess balance so they can prevent falling, improve performance in the real world or on the field.


Now balance training doesn’t just revolve around standing on one leg and hoping for the best, or trying to stand still on a wobbly surface, it actually revolves around training how three different systems of your nervous system work together to keep you upright and moving forward.


These three systems are your:

  1. Visual system
  2. Vestibular system
  3. Proprioceptive system


Most balance training programs lack focus on training the other two systems of the body that contribute to ensuring you don’t wind up on the ground.  Doing positional training, challenging yourself to stand on unstable surfaces helps, but balance training doesn’t stop there.


Attention needs to be given to incorporating the vision system, proprioceptive system and vestibular system.  Your brain integrates the information from these three systems together to help keep you up and off the ground.


The interesting thing is that vision accommodates for up to 80% of the information relied upon for your brain to keep you upright.  Your vestibular system actually works very reflexively, communicating with the proprioceptive system activating the right muscles at the right time and sending information along other pathways for it to be integrated along with visual information.  The feedback from the proprioceptive system, this comes from all the receptors in your joints and tissues gives your brain an idea of where you are at in space.


So, ultimately, you can see you need a little bit more training than just standing on a wobble board and calling it a day.


With balance training being so complex you need a specific plan that helps all three systems work together better.  Your plan needs to be:

  • Easy to follow
  • Time friendly
  • Easy to execute
  • Trackable

Luckily with the years of experience I have been able to create a system of training that incorporates all three areas that contribute to better balance.  It all starts by creating a foundation of by improving your movement giving your brain better feedback on where you are at in space, improving your vision, so your brain knows where things are at around you, and challenging your vestibular system helping your nervous system to fine tune its reflexive actions.


Now you don’t have to worry about trying to navigate through pages and pages of online articles, videos, and trying to put it all together, you can work easily in just minutes a day following a step by step approach improving your balance and protecting your noggin as well as all your other precious bones.


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