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Vision Training

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Vision Training

Got Sight?

Your vision is one of the most important senses you have, and you can train it to make you stronger, faster, and improve overall well-being

If you want the edge on your competition, if you want to perform better in real life, if you want to find a new way to reduce aches and pains vision training can give you the leading edge to make the difference.

Do you need vision training?

Guess what, your eyes have muscles too!  

Have you trained them lately?  

Probably not, but enhancing your visual skills enhances full body functions.  Better visual perception can help take the brakes off your performance allowing you to move better because:

  • You have a better awareness of where things are at in your environment
  • How fast things are moving
  • Your reaction times become quicker

Not only can you improve your performance, but when you start doing vision training, you can have an effect on pain levels as well.  This is because you are not just training muscles, but really, you are training your brain.  And, this is what allows the whole body to benefit form simple drills that can be performed almost anywhere.

Just like normal training when it comes to muscles, sports performance or general strength, there is a foundation to start from and a progressive challenging approach to be taken in order to get results.

20/20 vision doesn’t really mean much in real life.  And that’s because life moves. Things move, you move.  Your ability to judge where things are at in space and how fast they are moving is what improves your ability to interact with them.

Visual drills are incredibly easy to do and you can assess your performance of them to see functional, real world results.

To begin to develop a real world vision training program starts with building the foundation, we can get yours started asap, shoot me an email and let’s talk about your goals and how implementing a vision training program can help.


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