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Weight loss can be a hard goal to tackle without the right plan and the right coach to guide you through all the tough choices and avoid all the fake promises out there.  Being a certified personal trainer for over 19 years, I’ve help hundreds of people in Stockton lose weight, get stronger, and most importantly, feel better about themselves.

Trying to lose weight isn’t always easy, and it can take some time and perseverance to make your weight loss goal a reality.  But, having an expert by your side, not only to help you make better choices when it comes to nutrition, but really helping you implant better habits into your lifestyle can help keep you motivated along the way.

The harder challenge comes after reaching your goal.  And, that is maintaining it. Up to 80% of people that are successful at losing around 10% of their weight end up gaining it back and most of the time, more.  One of the keys to success to weight loss revolves around training yourself to create better habits in your life.

The weight loss programs I have helped people with not only guide you to eat the proper amount of food for your goals, but also teach you healthy habits to help you maintain your new body weight once you reach your goal.

Having a coach to guide you through the process of losing weight ensures you:

  • Won’t get hurt doing the wrong exercises
  • Stay away from foods that can work against your metabolism
  • Won’t Be alone when faced with obstacles that can derail you
  • Stay on track adjusting your weight loss program as you set new goals
  • Stay motivated when times get tough
  • Will have a plan when challenges come your way
  • Are successful, even after you are done training


Imagine how it would feel finally reaching your weight loss goal.  

How would you feel when you go to parties with friends and family?  

What new activities would you be able to enjoy?  

How would your body feel just doing everyday tasks?

I’ve had clients during the process of losing weight felt better because they could finally do their laundry comfortably.  Some clients that lost weight then, with their newfound health and strength, challenged themselves to running crazy obstacle courses.  

And, I have had clients that just enjoyed life more because they didn’t worry anymore about how the extra weight they had made them feel.

So, how would your life changed?

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