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Kettlebell training

Motivation is a feeling which comes and goes. Perseverance is a decision to keep showing up even when motivation is a no show.

– Bonnie Pfiester

Kettlebell Training

Fat blasting and strength building

The kettlebell has been around for hundreds of years forging stronger more resilient bodies.  It may be time you take on this simple but sinister tool to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

I’ve been training people with kettlebells since I first got certified as an RKC back in 2003.  After learning about the mysterious cannonball looking thing in 2002 and how effective it is for achieving all kinds of strength, fat loss and sports performance goals, I decided to get qualified to teach individuals how to become proficient with this tool.

Many of the people I have trained over the years from world class martial artist to grandma’s  have grown to love the kettlebell and its ability to be used in a variety of different ways from building real world strength and toning muscles, to building iron lungs that never quit.


A Kettlebell is the ultimate portable iron gym


Take the kettlebell where you want to go and reap the rewards

  • The kettlebell is a great portable device to train with, train with it inside or outside, carry it in your car and get ready to train anywhere you want 
  • They come in a variety of sizes but you only need one to conquer most goals, add a few together and you can have one of the most economical gyms around
  • Combine the intensity of kettlebell exercises with other strength exercises and create a fierce conditioning regimen, fat loss routine, or power building and muscle toning workouts

A proper kettlebell program can develop a wide variety of attributes and accomplish multiple goals simultaneously:

  • Flexibility with exercises that challenge you to create strength in odd ranges of motion that typical gym exercises can’t touch
  • Strength exercises with the kettlebell can work to develop speed, power, and endurance for your sport or just to get you stronger for real life
  • Blast fat and get a healthier heart with some of the best dynamic exercises while protecting your joints
  • Build muscle tone and definition with the ability to challenge your body with a wide variety of exercises

All with one proven tool that’s been around for hundreds of years tried and tested by military forces, martial artists and some of the worlds best strength athletes.



Get expert instruction for kettlebell workouts


There are repercussions when training with a kettlebell.  It is not forgiving if you learn the wrong way, although this goes with most exercises.  But, with a kettlebell, as I’ve seen over the last 16 years that I’ve been training people with them, there are many ways individuals can get hurt from not having a qualified instructor teach them proper technique.

When you get injured it takes away from your ability to work towards and achieve your goal.  What doesn’t hurt is contacting me and getting set up to figure out how we can work together to see how we can integrate one of the best training tools around, into your programming.

Finding a qualified kettlebell instructor means that you won’t be wasting time learning bad technique that can lead to terrible injuries down the road.  Once proficient with the tool, you can find tons and tons of workouts, training programs for fat loss, power, core strength and more, really the goals that can be accomplished with integrating kettlebells into your training program can be endless.

Of course, we can always set you up on a personalized routine to help you achieve your goals too.  Join one of my classes, set up one on one training or even use my online training app to get you to your health and fitness goals.



Kettlebells are easily adaptable for training for different goals


I’ve worked with many people using kettlebells, integrating them into classes  for mud runs, obstacle course races, personal training, group training for fat loss and have built complete programs around them.

Imagine being able to not have to worry about going to a crowded gym and trying to fight people for workout benches, dumbbells, barbells, or resistance machines.  You can just grab your kettlebell find a little space that suits you best and get to work. With all the workouts out there you’ll save time, money and frustration all while gaining the body and health you desire.

Contact me today to schedule a consultation and we’ll see how to fit a kettlebell into your programming.


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