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Working with a qualified fitness trainer has helped many people finally achieve their weight loss, strength, pain relief goals and more. 

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…I have accomplished more than ever imagined – it’s really unbelievable.  I’ve lost about 20 pounds, I sleep better, I feel better in general, I don’t have heart burn anymore, but the greatest thing is that I have gained so much mobility and back movement.  I can walk pain free, I can bend, I can finally get back to my house chores, I can just do so much more…
Cheryl Hartz

Stockton, Ca

Eric is a great coach. He helped me lose lots of fat and gain strength and overall health. He’s very motivated and keeps his clients very motivated and ready for the next challenge!
Scott Campbell

Stockton, Ca

I have never worked with a trainers so knowledgeable about fitness. After I worked with the Fix U Fit trainers I had seen results beyond my own peak points. The trainers are so informed because they eat sleep and breathe fitness. It seemed as if I was learning something knew every time I trained with them. I highly recommend Fix U Fit to anyone who is serious about achieving results!
Randy Turrentine

Stockton, Ca

…I started with chronic pain and really poor shape. He has helped and encouraged me along a path to good health, strength and stamina. I can now accomplish things now that I could not even do as a teenager. He never gave up on me, even if I had setbacks. There’s always a solution for everything. I have never seen him lose his patience and, believe me, I have tried his patience several times. I would not be looking forward to an active retirement if not for the work we do together. I am 71 years young and can workout along the side of people much younger than myself. Lift large bags of dog food, and take care of almost everything on my own, and to my amazement, I actually deadlifted 235lbs! I feel that anyone would benefit from Eric’s brand of fitness training, from his patience, knowledge, and training.
Ruth Reynolds

Stockton, Ca

Eric and his other coaches my eyes have been opened to a variety of exciting exercise programs such as mixing bodyweight, bands, and weight training with kettlebells, barbells and dumbells into my routines. I have learned so many crazy moves such as the one-legged squat with kettlebells, climbing ropes (which I’m still trying to conquer!), push ups w/ weight on my back and in weird positions, and pull ups w/ weighted belt. I feel that my body is much stronger in everything I do now. Moving patients at work has become easier and I can out perform my boyfriend on some of these exercises as well. I can now perform sets of multiple pull ups with extra weight on my hips, I can knock out pushups on the floor and I can deadlift over 200lbs! And, not to mention that my bodyfat has decreased significantly and my muscle tone has finally increased. Now I know that I do have muscles hiding under there!
Evangeline Respicio

Stockton, Ca

I’ve been training for the past 10 years and I love my results and feel more energetic since I’m a 46 year old grandmother who has to keep up with my grandkids. Eric has so much knowledge of how your body works when injured. I always had pain from all the years of working and he’s able to fix it and I’ve never felt this good as I do now at my age. Strong, healthy and I love my results! Thanks Eric!
Melissa Garcia

Stockton, Ca


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