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Why Do My Knees Hurt When I Run?

One Easy Method To Get Rid of Knee Pain From Running   It’s Monday and you’re ready to start your new running program.  You put on your running top, your running shorts and your running shoes.  Now you’re ready to hit the pavement. But, once you get out there and...

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How To Find Time To Workout With Kids

Do you find it hard to find time to workout while trying to take care of everybody else? There are many ways to make time.  Let’s explore a simple method to help you get moving more and back into those jeans you were wearing pre baby! When building a workout into a...

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Get Your Mind-set, Get Your Goals!

Your mindset is your personal set of beliefs and attitudes.  Beliefs and attitudes result in specific habits and actions, which result in your current lifestyle.  If you believe that mindset is fixed and cannot be changed, this can hold you back from taking actions...

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