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5 easy ways to burn calories

by | Jul 3, 2022 | Nutrition, Weight Loss

How Do I Burn Calories?

Weight loss requires three things:

  1.  Eat less calories
  2.  Burn more calories
  3.  Supplement nutrition losses

Healthy weight loss requires a strategic plan involving the above three elements.

When embarking on a weightloss plan you want to consider how to cut calories from your diet, burn more calories from activities, but also keep vitamins and mineral levels at recommended levels.

You also want a fitness plan that can improve fitness levels, maintain muscle mass (as much as possible), and aid in burning calories.

Burning calories refers to thermogenesis, which is related to heat production from the metabolic process going on inside your cells. 

A calorie is the measurement of heat produced from the energy being produced inside your cells. 

If your cells need more energy to function and you are able to produce it, then you will create heat as a side effect from that energy production which translates to burning calories. 

Overall, in the case of losing weight, this just means that you want to increase heat production.  This can come from exercise, daily activity, and also nutritional strategies as well. 

There are several ways to use food to aid in burning calories to lose fat other than just cutting calories completely.  What you want to consider is how to improve the thermic effect from food.  And, below are several simple strategies you can use.



Here are five ways to increase the thermic effect from food:

  1. Eat more protein
  2. Add MCT’s
  3. Season your foods
  4. Drink caffeine
  5. Eat more frequently

Eating Protein Burns Calories

Protein requires more energy to break the bonds that hold the protein structure together so your body can get to the amino acids it needs to build and construct things in your body, like various tissues, one of those being muscle tissue.  Usually by eating more protein in your diet you will not only increase thermogenesis, but it can also have a satiety effect making you feel fuller for longer.


Medium Chain Triglycerides Burn Calories

Along with protein, certain fats have been noted to increase thermogenesis too.  Medium chain triglycerides are known to provide a thermic effect because of how they break down and certain metabolic effects they have on energy production.  You can get your MCT’s easily from coconut oil or specific supplements.  Adding coconut oil to different meals or cooking with it can help you get into your day.  Also, on  a side note, there are ancient teeth cleaning strategies used by Egyptians way back when, that’s called oil pulling, and you can also use coconut oil for this as well.  You just have to swish the coconut oil around your mouth for about fifteen minutes to clean your mouth.  Don’t forget that you may ingest a tad of it if you do this so you’d have to figure out how much of a caloric effect it may have on your totals if you are being very watchful of your calorie intake.


Seasoning Burns Calories

Another way to burn calories for losing weight by leveraging nutrition is adding certain seasoning to your meals.  A few seasonings that have been studied to show an increase in thermogenic activity are:

  • Cinnamon
  • Spicy seasonings like chili pepper

  Search youtube or google to find tasteful fat loss recipes that already include these.

Drinking Caffeine Burns Calories

Drinking tea, coffee and energy drinks can have a thermic effect too.  Caffeine stimulates your nervous system and can increase your energy output by making you more active, sometimes you may just get more fidgety and move more.  Also, depending on how you drink your drink, with sugar or not, it may induce a stress response, and part of the stress response includes metabolizing stored sugar to use for the increase in energy demands.


Frequent Meals Burn Calories

Eating more often helps weight loss in a variety of ways.  But, primarily for the thermic effect, what you are doing is eating a smaller amount of food that in turn spikes thermogenesis for a short period of time throughout the day.  And, if you are eating a good amount of protein you can get a double whammy spiking thermogenesis because of the frequent meal periods and the added protein.  Then, on top of that you can throw in some spicy seasoning, a caffeinated drink between meals and you have a good thermogenic day.

There are many strategies out there to help you burn calories throughout the day to help aid you in fatloss.  In my S3 Program we’ll personalize your approach and go over many strategies like this to help you reach your weightloss and fitness goals.  It all starts with sending me a message below.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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