Use The Four “A’s” To Finally Reach Your Goals

by | Apr 29, 2020 | Habit, Motivation

Your mindset is your personal set of beliefs and attitudes.  Beliefs and attitudes result in specific habits and actions, which result in your current lifestyle.  If you believe that mindset is fixed and cannot be changed, this can hold you back from taking actions that may benefit you in reaching your goals.  Part of becoming successful in life and to reach goals is to understand that your mindset can be changed, this is called a “growth mindset”.

In our working together it is important that we recognize the traits that you exhibit so we can help you overcome beliefs or attitudes that may be holding you back from achieving your goals.  

The four A’s concept, developed by Dr. Brian Grasso, author of “Mindset Matters Most”, can be used to distill the framework of your current mindset and help us change it.  

The Four A’s are:

  • Awareness
  • Acceptance
  • Accountability
  • Adaptation



To be successful we need set personal goals and then pay attention to two things:

  • Actions – what do you do that takes you further from or closer to your goals.  This can boil down to language and habits.
    • Language – how you speak “about yourself” to others and yourself (self-talk).
    • Routines/habits – what you currently do consciously and unconsciously throughout the day that works for or against you.
  • Reactions – how do you react to certain situations – this is where you may be unaware of how your actions are helping or hurting

As we begin training I will pay attention to conversations we have and results achieved.  Once I recognize certain traits, it is imperative to bring awareness, good or bad, to help you with motivation to drive change.

Acceptance and Accountability

When awareness is brought about the actions you are taking, it is important to accept responsibility for them and understand how these actions help or hurt.  Once this is done, the next step is to figure out an action plan so you can get more of the good stuff and filter out more of the bad stuff.



As the plan of action is followed a new belief system will emerge.  This is inevitable.  You are continually adapting no matter what, and what you want to do is to be in charge of your adaptive process.  As long as positive attributes and results come from the plan, a new way of looking at things, and how you perceive yourself and what you can accomplish will ultimately change your mindset.


It’s Time For Change

No matter what you are aware of or not aware of, you will continually adapt.  My goal is to help you adapt in a positive manner that is conducive to your goals.  To be successful you need to become aware of your actions, genuinely accept the current situation, hold yourself accountable for your current state and know that you are always adapting.  This will build the confidence and a growth mindset which can perpetuate better choices, habits and routines leading you to reach the goals you have set.


Developing a great mindset is key to achieving phenomenal results.  You can start by reading Dr. Brian Grasso’s book, get it by clicking here.


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