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4 Steps To Reach Your Goals Faster

by | Sep 24, 2021 | Fitness, Habit, Nutrition

Are you running in circles?

When you embark on a journey to reach new health and fitness levels you have to have a plan.  Otherwise you may fall into the constant struggle like many other people that never reach their goals and continue to start over each year to achieve the same fitness goals they set last year.


Having the perfect training program won’t help you lose weight, or show you how to gain muscle alone.  You need to back it up with solid habits.  You are a habitual machine whether you like it or not.  There are triggers in your life that get you to begin a routine.  Think of it like an alarm that goes off and then you have to shut off that alarm to make that annoying sound stop.


When you encounter a trigger consciously or unconsciously you will go into a ritual.  You may be completely unaware that you are in this ritual, but you have to complete it.  Because as soon as that trigger happened it started a habit loop.  And, because of the way we are wired we have to close that loop, i.e. turn off the blaring alarm.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if the habit is good or bad.  Your brain doesn’t care if your habit is going to help you lose weight, help you gain muscle, or improve performance.  It just wants you to go through your loop, close it and get rewarded.  That reward is a quick boost of dopamine – a happy hormone that makes you feel good.  This is another area why social media can be so addictive.  And, it’s a big topic, so we won’t get into it here.


Since you have a goal to lose fat, or learn how to get toned, build muscle or get faster, you need to build good habits and get rid of bad ones.  And, luckily it’s all in your head.


But, instead of dissecting all the neuro stuff, let’s make it easy on us and use a simpler approach as identified by James Clear, author of Atomic Habits.

How to create better weight loss and muscle gain habits

No matter what your goal is, your weight loss habits and muscle building habits are what will get you to where you want to be.  The weird thing is, is that your habits are generally automated tasks that you run through based off of cues or triggers that set them off.


This is an important wiring mechanism that our brain uses to help us be more efficient throughout the day.  Habits save energy, since we don’t have to think our way through certain sets of tasks throughout the day.


To help you reach your goals I want to help you understand your habits better, how to create new ones and how to break bad ones.


Let’s start with understanding habits a bit more.  James Clear, author of ‘Atomic Habits’ identified 4 simple laws that you can use to transform your life and make habits stick.


These 4 laws work together playing on your psychological, physiological and neurological reflexes.  But in simpler words, they work, because it’s how you work!


How to create good health and fitness habits

If you want to create a weight loss or muscle gain habit to help you reach your goals you need to:

  1. Make it obvious  
  2. Make it attractive 
  3. Make it easy 
  4. Make it satisfying 


How to break a bad habit

Now, most of us not only want to create good healthy habits, but sometimes we also need to be able to break bad one.  


Guess what?  That’s easy too, just inverse each law. So, now you need to:

  1. Make it invisible
  2. Make it unattractive
  3. Make it difficult
  4. Make it unsatisfying


Pretty simple right?

Now this isn’t all we need to do.  

But it’s a great starting point to get you thinking. 

Start by writing down a habit that you think you need to help you reach your goals, and a few habits that may not be so good. 

How can you apply this framework to either make them or break them?

Got any good ideas how to make this concept work with your goals? I’d like to hear them, shoot me an email with your strategies.

If you’re finally ready to get moving on your weight loss, muscle gain or performance goal, you don’t have to do it alone.  Set up a consultation with me and we can work together to help you reach your goals even faster. 

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